Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

A Week In Review

So let’s recap this week

It was Earth Day so at least 30% of my facebook friends made comments about how Earth Day is a sham and etc, etc, etc. And of those several friends commented with jokes about it as well. I am willing to agree that there are people and organizations that take this issue a little too far but still it is GOD’s creation. We are called to be stewards. Furthermore, it would seem that some of the horrible things we do to the planet also harm us for instance pesticides on food. So maybe if we were a little bit wiser and educated and took some steps to care we would be treating nature as well as ourselves and others better which seems far more GODLY.

Then there was a semi personal event that happened on Facebook. A friend stated that they wish someone would kill Obama (I am paraphrasing). A few other friends and I commented that was not right. While to my surprise more agreed with this person. Even sadder was that this person deleted the post but then changed their status to they would just text their feelings to others who shared them so not to upset the closet socialist. I got mad. I had to repent and it was not the way I should have reacted but give me a freaking break. It reminded me of Battlestar Galatica. Just because I disagree or defend someone’s right to life doesn’t make me a cyclone. OK back on track. GOD created all life and all life is precious to Him, including Obama. So as I stated on this friend page I was not a socialist only a follower of GOD what proceeded was all of this persons friends telling me over and over how she does love Jesus and basically I don’t because by speaking out against her I am not walking in love. Excuse me? I am sooooo sooooo sick of this argument lets end it right here.

Here is me throwing down:

Attempts to claim the moral high ground in arguments misinterpreted verse; “Thou shall not judge.” This verse is being sucked out of its context, misinterpreted and shoved in people’s faces in order to be a barricade to spiritual discipline and accountability. We would much rather replace confronting our dirty, nasty sins and being judged about it with our own version of love. “We just need to love everyone. You have to love me because I am right in my own eyes. You can’t judge me or discipline me. You just have to accept me because that is what Love is.” What a sick fantasy we have created when we don’t see God’s love for what it is The Pharisees were guilty of this, and Jesus denounced them for it.
The end of the story is that friend deleted me and others. Now I try not to take it personally and I even prayed about it because I was hurt because this just isn’t someone I know online this is someone I attend church with, someone I know loves Christ. That is why the statement was so shocking. But almost more shocking was the fact that while they wanted to have free speech to share their view mine was not valid. I wonder how they can grow in anything let alone Christ without being challenged. The whole thing just made me sad all the way around.

Then there was the joke about praying to GOD about how all the favorite celebrities dies this last year and that Obama was their favorite. I know it started as a joke by someone being sarcastic but it turned into a huge wave of hate. So we must ask ourselves a couple of key questions. As Christians are their things we simply cannot joke about because they will be taken in much different ways then we intended? How far do we let the hate that spurred out of situations like this go before we stand up and say NO, that is not the Christian way?

It makes me sad to see so many have exchanged the love, hope, peace and joy of Christ for hate, cynicism, fear, and judgment. What are we coming to as a body of believer’s? I like debate for the sake of growth but I dislike fighting but if things like the events and statements above continue to take place I will continue to take a stand. Jesus isn’t some far reaching savior to me He is the only reason for life, someone I have an intimate relationship with. I will not stand by and watch others blaspheme His name and reputation to a world that already has more misconceptions they we could ever address about who he is, especially if those others are Christians.

So here it is, me throwing down a second time:

Political party DOES NOT equal GOD. Yes we vote, yes we should vote and when we vote we should be picking THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS! Because if you really think that any party is representing GOD you need to pull your head out and spend some quality time with you Bible and Christ Himself. (If that statement convicts your or pisses you off take it to GOD, because I am right on this and I don’t care what your defense for unquestioned alliance to any party is.)

A grave error we make in our theology is the idea that the Bible is warnings and directions to the unsaved. They are intended to be motivators to explain to us why the evil world needs to be saved. That is not the truth. Every book of the Bible, every rebuke, correction, and sin to repent from is addressed to those already believing. It is time we realized that those words are for us. If we repented and followed them the Church would be more like the Church of Acts where more and more were added every day. The instruction from Christ is Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added. We have lost that somewhere along the way and we need to get it back.


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