Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

I saw a post on Twitter yesterday that  today would be  “I Love Reese’s” Day.  I even bought one to celebrate.  I don’t buy chocolate that often and when I do it usually isn’t Hersey’s  it is pretty crappy chocolate, I like the good stuff.  Still Reese have a special place in my heart.  I love peanut butter and the combination is a favorite.

Imagine how I felt when I was reading a book on Fair Trade as I was eating my treat when I came to a section talking about how

A boy who has been whipped several times for working to slow in the field at a plantation where Hersey's buys most of its cocoa

Hersey’s is one of the worst child labor offenders in the coco industry, although it seems plenty of main stream companies are close behind.  I was instantly convicted.  I have also been reading some Christian themed books on this kind of topic and I really am convinced more and more that in a country like ours where even our poor are richer then most in many 3rd world countries we should be willing to pay that bit more for products that are fair trade if it insures the dignity of others.  Would Jesus accept my excuse that the Hersey’s candy was 3 for a $1.00 and the fair trade was a buck for one, or would He just nod in disbelief as He expressed how even children on the ivory coast and elsewhere  are worth far much more then a dollar.

I have many friends who are also trying to educate themselves and make better buying decisions so I thought I would share a few articles.  This first one I actually came across on facebook, my friend Kris posted it.  “I Love Hersey’s Day” soon after my book experience.  I think the Holy Spirit is really trying to tell me something here.  Hersey’s is no longer a company I can support.
These are links to some sites that list companies committed to fair trade.

The biggest deterant for me sometime in buying Fair Trade or Organic is the price. I have been reading online information about how small groups can buy in mini-bulk (is that really a word, it seems like an oxymoron) if they buy together.  Over the last month Christ has really been convicting me and placing the desire in my heart to work to make buying Fair Trade easier cost wise.  I am brainstorming how it might be possible to have a co-op kind of deal where family’s could all pitch in for the goods and then we could buy them cheaper.  Would anyone be interested in something like that, or have any brainstorming ideas on how we could facilitate that?

Buying fair trade is not only a right choice in human rights but it also make a difference.  Ben and Jerry’s, a company that was getting some fair trade ingredient but close to the top in others like cocoa  from places using child labor has announced that it will be 100% fair trade by 2013. Which I personally think is great news as I love Ben and Jerry’s!  (I had to find some way of ending on a happy note)


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