Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

From my perspective LOST is my favorite TV show because of to two components.
The spiritual element and the relationship element.

With that in mind I could not be more satisfied with how the show ended. To be honest, my first
reaction was that the first 2 hours and 20 min were phenomenal, while the last 10 min or were OK but not
as emotionally on par as the rest of the episode. Still my gut told me to trust the story and let it process.
I have and now I can say I am completely won over by the message I felt they were tying to convey.

Disclaimer :
I have read several other blogs and many reviews with some great points. Cuse and Lindelof earn points in my book for
being able to create a finale and a mythology that is so open to interpretation. I am writing this because I want to share my thoughts on how I feel Lost was a broad picture of a life of faith and how it has affected me the last few days. I have other views and revelations that are more event and character specific but I will write about those another time. I am not trying to make a “this is what the final was getting at” kind of statement. I am making a “this is what the final and the series meant to me”.

God created man and put us on earth but clearly the life we were suppose to have is more like the island? I feel that in the end that was Lost’s biggest success. they were able to create a series that demonstrated that life is deeply spiritual, regardless of if we realize it or not, and doing in a way no one would have thought possible.

Every person is at some point is called to the kind of life the island offered. A life of faith and community. When that invitation comes we can
choose what we do with the enlightenment we have received.
We can try to prove at it from the point of science.
We can embrace the unknown and become people of faith,
We can let human power and greed take over and try to control.
Or we can take the path that seems easier to us and of great reward at time.

As a believer, I do live in two places. I have the spiritual side of me and the rat-race-daily-life on earth. The one thing that I will say about the final that I am sure of that I feel most people missed is that time was not linear. They did not die all at the same time and were not all waiting in the sideways time for the other castaways to croak.
I actually feel that the island time line most likely continued for a while as well as the side ways but because time did not matter they were not stuck anywhere. I believe they were able to devised a plan to walk into heaven at the same time because they had become so engulfed in the light that they realized time was no restriction

I do think the white light at the end was a bit cheesy, They could have conveyed that in a very different more true to the show way, but after 6 seasons of brilliance I am willing to cut the writers some slack for one bad episode a
season and a few bad shots. All of the hate that I am hearing from those who did not like the way the show ended seems kind of drastic to me. Give these guys some credit even if the last show did totally bite they were talented enough to create something brilliant that pretty much no one I know could have done. I for one fail to see how 2 hours could negate 118 hours of great story. If you really love the show, you can’t say the final made the whole thing a waste. You just have to decide it did not end in a way that resonated with you but that there were episodes, instances, and arcs within the story that were worth your time. Even hating the ending doesn’t make the Desmond/Penny or Sawyer/Juliet story any less beautiful. The final doesn’t negate that in the end Jack did give up self for faith as well as countless other characters I could reference.

The point wasn’t even about when they died or how each of them died. It was about how their lives all ended as lives of faith, what they died for. In the end they embraced that the island was their real lives
and that they were flawed people needing redemption and each other. For me it was about how when you truly surrender to the people and the place you are called to regardless of you
personal feelings time no longer matters and evil will never prevail. That love and community grow. They grew so profoundly in love that time ceases to exist for them in the way that time does
not exist for GOD. What made this even clearer for me was taking into account who wasn’t in the church. Those who never did die-to-self before dying in real time were bound by
time and their lack of redemption. Their inability to embrace that there is a fight, an epic battle of good and evil that can only we won with love that comes though redemption and forgiveness of ourselves and others.. Love was the constant. Love destroys all evil
and rules all things, even time.

For those who know me this surely won’t be my last though on this show. I would love to hear your comments. I am not as interested in if you liked it or not as much as I am interested
in what spiritual truths did you feel the final and the series as a whole imparted to you.


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