Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

Flowers on my doorstep

Today the weirdest thing happened. I opened my door to leave my apt to go job hunting at there on the doorstep was some wild flowers tied together in a bouquet and in a little plastic bag on the bottom holding some water.

I think they were from GOD. I say this because last night as I was cleaning up I noticed a
Vase I have that I had though about getting some flowers for. Money is tight right now so not wanting to buy any I had decided I would go cut some off a few very overgrown bushes near my apt. Then the storm moved in and I decided I would wait until the next day. So this morning when the very flowers I had planned to get myself were laying on my doorstep I was stunned. I think I knew right off it was GOD, that feeling in your spirit but not wanting to seem too crazy I waited until this afternoon when I saw these two girls that live next door that play out front and asked them if they left the flowers. They said no. When Susan came home I asked her if she had set them there or was expecting them and she said no and they were not there when she left just an hour before me.

I know it sounds crazy and I know it even seems trivial but to me this was huge. Christ is showing me new and new things everyday. The Holy Spirit is teaching me to believe and trust in what I was named and that I deserve to be loved and shown affection. He is also teaching me that He will provide for me not just the things I have to have to live but He will provide joy, color, affection, and gifts to express His love for me.


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