Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

The definition of Christian is following in the footsteps of Christ and trying to be more like Him. One of the things that is obvious about Christ and that you will hear all believers agree on is that He was love. He also saw the best in people, and every situation.

Take the feeding of the 5000. Jesus could have taken a defeatist view like the disciples. When a little boy was brave enough to offer his lunch. But he didn’t the Bible says he broke the bread and GAVE THANKS. He thanked GOD for what they had and it was that act that increased the provision.

In our world today it is always the negative. One example of this is the tragedy of 9/11. It is sad and tragic that 3000 people lost their lives but what is absolutely amazing and should draw us to our knees in thanks and provision is that on a typical workday up to 50.000 people had offices or did business in those buildings. That mean 47,000 people that could have died were spared. Was I the only one who saw the stories on the net or in the news? NPR ran dozens of them. Stories like “I stopped for coffee and never do”. “I just decided to take a walk”, “my kid was sick that day”. “I escaped”. This story is not a story of defeat. The defeat was in our response. We could had said, you tried to kill 50,000 people and you failed. We thank GOD for our protection and provision. 47 THOUSAND more people should have died that day and for whatever reason in whatever way they were protected. That is a Miracle!!!!!

What could Christ have done with that small bit of praise and thanks? Could He have protected us? Could He have saved us from loosing close to 5,000 men and woman from our armed forces? Could a choice to look to Christ and the good rather than to military force spared so many civilians that died in Iraq? We attacked and in the end we have political craziness’. We lost the lives of more then were originally lost at the WTC. For what; so we could show them? So that the news and politicians could argue and fight and demonize each other about what is the next move? Disagree politically; but is calling someone Hitler, Satan, antichrist, Nazi, terrorist, or even Muslim in a negative context an attribute of Christ? Is that the fruit of The Spirit?

As we call ourselves a “Christian nation” people around the world would associate that with killing, occupation, force, might, revenge. Are any of those descriptors Christ? Now the war is over our troops are home and coming home but the most disturbing to me is that the news is not focusing on our troops. We should be thanking them, welcoming them home. Lavishing them with praise and parades. Instead every news channel is bashing the government left and right. Bashing the right for going to war in the first place, bashing the left for leaving. Instead of focusing on what our troops did accomplish and how hard they worked we are still focused politically on what happened and what we think will happen and it is all negative.

This is not at all a political statement. This is just my view and one example of how everyday Christ is teaching me and convicting me to speak life into people and to discern the good. That even if the good is as small as a mustard seed if we focus on that, rather then the bad He can swoop though this world in ways we have never imagined. But as long as our focus as Christians is demanding revenge and insisting that Christ comes though government we will never see His glory. GOD simply does not work that way. If you need proof read any of the gospels. Israel was so convinced that The Savior would come as king and sit on a throne and instead he came as no one in a manger born a disgrace.

Try to see even the tiny bit of good in the people and the stories around you. Even in the tragic stories find on shred of good. Then pray on it, focus on it. Speak life. Speak life and GODS will. Take time to remember that even a terrorist was created by GOD. That the verse we pour over each other and our kids “I know the plans I have for you…..” Applies to them as well. Be that boy with a small lunch and see if your tiny bit of love can feed thousands.

This is one issue I have decided to see the good: Want to build a mosque. Not my favorite idea but fine. If you want to pray near a spot where GOD saved 47,000 people so be it. Let our love in Christ be so strong that no matter where those who are yet to know Him worship we stand confident He will find them. He will save them and use our example of love as a message of what true worship and salvation is. At the same time save us from terrorist, governments, financial ruin, natural disasters, the enemy, whatever. I speak life and salvation over them. I pray that somewhere in that group is a Paul of Tarsus a great apostle that will join in bringing revival to this nation.

Ronald Regan was not a good president because he was conservative or because he proclaimed he was a Christian. He was a good man because his values lined up with the Bible more then with politics. The Berlin wall and the fall of communism didn’t happen through force, it happened because our president was for peace and he knew that behind those walls were good but damaged people that needed grace, light and a savior. He was successful because in a time when fear of nuclear weapons and fingers on the button ruled the thoughts of most Americans he chose a different way. He spoke and sought life in some scary and dark places in the world. I will never forget reading an article on his time in office where Regan was quoted in saying “The time I spent on my knees asking for peace is what won. None of my strength or power mattered. (It has been years so the quote might be a bit off but you get the idea) He didn’t pray for the US, victory, to be right, for power or revenge. He prayed peace.

It is time we stopped pointing fingers. It is time we stopped letting the enemy fill our vision with fear and thinking the worst of people. It is time we took our eyes off all that is evil and focused on Christ. Its time we started praying hope, faith, and love over people and our world.

There is a war no doubt but the one we are fighting is not the one that matters.


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