Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

A month and a half ago maybe two I received this vision and word from The Lord about media and how He intends to use media to be His voice to an up and coming generation. I was so inspired and hopeful for this word and was further in awe of our GOD when I began to discover that others were also getting the same kind of words.

Over the years I have learned that GOD’s timing is usually, well totally slow by may standards. I have words from 10 years ago I am still standing on. So while excited about this word I did not in my wildest dreams think that I would see so much so quick. Part of what GOD spoke to me is that the door to discussions will be opened. The Spirit spoke that those triggering the conversation would not always be believer’s but that it was our task to not let the conversations drop. The key part of this word was “conversation” . It was more then clear to me that we were not to take this opportunity to preach in a traditional sense but that we should, like Mercedes in this episode of Glee, be that friend and extend without pressure the idea that everyone needs something to believe in. The Holy Spirit convicted me that it is our job to tell stories, share experiences, live in love but that ultimately it is not our job to save people .Christ saves people. We were commanded to go out and preach the gospel. The command was not go out and save people. I feel that until we can grasp the truth of that basic idea we will fall short in our conversations with the world.

Jesus spoke in parables. The purpose of these stories were to share a truth about The Kingdom while at the same time engaging those who heard it. What we all should be able to do and what this episode of Glee did fabulously is that it ended with a zillion questions still out there. They didn’t tell anyone what the answer was or what side of the religious battle is right. After proclaiming the truth in words, song and action the kids of Glee still left room for GOD to show up. At the end of the episode Kurt was not convinced that GOD was the truth but his heart was open. He was softened. A seed was planted.

If this episode shows us anything it is that the world really doesn’t want to avoid questions of faith. That deep down the spirits of all men and woman are crying out for their Savior. So are we ready to have those conversations? Are we ready to honestly listen to the reasons they don’t believe? I we ready to take the Sue Sylvester’s, Kurt‘s, and Finn’s of this world and their doubts seriously? Are we ready to step up to the plate and create art and media that speaks to where they are, that starts conversation, that doesn’t always end with an alter call but the planting of a seed.

Last season I was not a big fan of Glee. I felt the story like was, well really high-school pettiness. Which is fine it is a show about high school This season however, they are out of the gate and hitting hard even last weeks episode, which I did not really care for dealt with the hard issue of self-esteem. These teens, our teens they are the generation that will prophesy and they need us (the old men/woman) to have dreams to give them. So while the kids of Glee are contemplating the very existence of GOD we should be praying and seeking The Father on how through us He can without a doubt be known.


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