Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

My Narinia Experience

The Voyage of The Dawn Treader" opens in theaters. This was my favorite book and so in prep for the film I decided to re-read the book. I tend to visit the books from time to time but when Caspian came out I had not refreshed the story in my mind. I did like the film but I kept finding myself questioning where some stuff was, and if some of the things that happened in that movie really happened in the "Caspian" book or a different one of the series.

This time my favorite passage was the part where Eustance was telling Edmond about being changed from the dragon back into a boy.

I am sure at this point everyone reading is saying "Oh me too, I love that part." It is amazing! Love the example of the transforming power of Christ." But this time in affected me so deeply I can hardly explain. Almost a week ago I read this part of the book before bed and was reduced to tears. Falling before GOD I just had to repent and repent. This is what The Holy Spirit has been doing to me. Taking the deeper layers off. And while Christ has been with me, right there guiding me in my scratching and sharing time with me as each layer is removed it was only until last month when I let HIM remove the last layer in my current spiritual experience that I became who I truly am. This time the book seemed more real in the deep details. The details I could relate to were things like Eustance not knowing if the Lion actually spoke but hearing it never the less. How guided by The Spirit, intuitively Eustance knew what needed to be done. But mostly I loved that Aslan didn't just finish taking Eustance old skin off and direct him into the water for his final comforting cleansing, Aslan held him, carried him and placed him there. That even after the "work" of Christ was done, He still remained.

I have long finished reading the book (sorry Gayla, I promise to return it someday….. ) I have read that passage everyday and the tears of joy and thankfulness just won't stop.

In the last 3-4 years around this time I have found myself longing and hoping that the trials and hard lessons were over for a bit and the new year ahead would be one of ease but that never seemed to play out. Things have gotten better in some ways and worse in others but the constant has been Christ. This year though I got my true, deep, Eustance experience. I am finally who I am, in Christ and for the first time ever I not only can say it, I want to shout it from the rooftops. I AM A DAUGHTER OF THE KING! IN CHRIST I HAVE FACED THE GATES OF HELL AND I AM STILL STANDING!

Of course growth and transformation are never over in GOD's kingdom but this year I can finally say "I've come a long way baby!"

I am sure many things will be changed about the movie but I hope not this scene. I also hope that I am not out of tissues by the middle. 🙂

GOD is good….ALL THE TIME…even when you're a dragon….even when you're scratching off the scales and look at your worst…..even after the Holy bath when your beautiful.


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