Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

GOD showering down His grace, love, mercy and provision continues to get bigger and bigger.

I have started interviewing at several salons. I graduate in a few weeks and want to know where I am going, start building clients and setting appointments and such. My perfect work/salon scenario looks like this:

*Easy to get to; for me and clients
*Established salon
*Smaller, not a bunch of bickering, gossipy women (harder to find then you might think)
*Forward thinking
*Tries to be earth friendly
*Freedom to run specials and promotions
*Some marketing/Advertising
*Reasonable hours or ability to make my own
*I would like to do natural and gel nails only, no acrylic (the stuff is nasty and horrible for nails and the environment)
*Some things/supplies included in both rent
*Both rent under $100.00 a week.

Mon at my 5th interview I discovered that GOD’s Perfect work/salon scenario for me looks like this:

*$70.00 a week booth rent

*3 full time stylist, all my age and one part-time massage person and ALL Christian ladies

*They have facebook page, website, and do marketing and specials as a group and as individuals. I am free to pick my hours, and I can offer any services and prices I want.

*almost everything is already at the salon for me (table, chairs, implements, I can use what supplies they have and only need to pay for the products (gel, polish, etc) that I need. This will literally save me hundreds and hundreds of dollars

*They try to be as eco-environmentally forward. They want all odorless no acrylic in the salon. No products tested on animals.

*They give back to the community. One example is monthly they have open houses where people can bring all those 1/2 used bottles of beauty products to the salon. They receive a coupon good for 20% off any service and in turn we donate all that stuff to the local homeless shelters.

*The place is so cute! My area would be wonderful. It is all done in earth tones, my favorite.

*The hours are awesome but I am free to come and go as I please. I will get a key and all.

*Location is great.

*And the best, best part is they have clientele to give me. Right now one of the owners does all the nails and she doesn’t want to do them. Most of the clients like her but come because it is a green salon, not because she is amazing at the nails (her words). She has been talking to them and said almost all of them were excited to hear there would be an actual nail tech at the salon. So they would be mine to loose. This is HUGE. Building clientele and having appointments is the biggest challenge to getting started. Of course I would have tons of open room, she only does a few nail appointments a week but it is still a start.

I don’t officially have the job yet. They have told me I am the front runner and I should hear in a few days. I really do hope that this works out but even if some freak thing happens and it doesn’t GOD has really shown me that I can trust Him with this and that wherever I end up it will be more than I could have thought. So thankful.


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