Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

Being adopted by Abba

My church is doing a series on family. The last few services we have been talking about being adopted into GOD’s family. It is powerful. The atmosphere in the room makes it clear that this is an important thing to GOD. That He longs for us to know really know that He is Abba.

Something I am thankful for is there is always another level with GOD. If you would have asked me a few weeks ago if I agreed with this topic I would have said yes and even said I feel in the last year that GOD has been giving me revelation in this area. Today I realized He’s not done.

I am adopted. Both last week and today as we talked about adoption into GOD’s family and gaining the heart, not just head revelation of what that means I realized The Holy Spirit was using my story to convict me places in my life where I don’t fully embrace that He is my father.

In the natural world I never doubt who my father is. My story is awesome. GOD is totally a part of it and it starts around Valentines day 1972, so it’s also the perfect time of year.

My parents got married and tried to have kids for about 10 years. They had filled out all the paperwork, passed all the background stuff all that was left was to go to Catholic Charites and sign the papers and they would be on the list, waiting for a new baby. It was Valentines day when my dad came home and told my mom that today would be the day they would make the long drive to Anchorage to make getting a baby official.

At the office the nun told them that it was impossible to know how long they would have to wait for a baby. It could be 3-10 years. It was Alaska and 1972 so there were not as many teens or unwed women giving baby’s up for adoption. After the meeting as my parents were leaving my mom decided to use the bathroom. She never uses the bathroom in public places so this was very, very unusual. As she came from the restroom the nun came into the lobby. Thank GOD your still here she tells my parents. I don’t normally tell people this but I think you should go shopping for some baby things. It will boost your spirits and keep you hopeful.

So shopping they went. But they didn’t just get a few things, they went crazy. They got almost everything except for items that would be specific to a boy or girl. They had said they would take any baby, any nationality.

Then the phone rang the sister on the other end. Mr. King I know this is suddenly and unexpected but we have a baby that was born late in the evening yesterday and we need to find a home for her. She is a girl. The family set to take this baby only wants a boy. Would you and your wife like to have her. My dad said Of course without even asking my mom. The nun went on to say that she was new to Alaska and snow. She was nervous about driving with a baby in the car so far out of the city, would my parents come get me the next day. My dad got the details, hung up the phone and went and told my mom the great news. Tomorrow they would get their baby girl. They picked me up Nov 16th. My birthday is Nov 14th. Exactly 9 months after the day they signed on the dotted line. I was theirs, I was always meant to be theirs. This is my family. My mom is my mom, my dad is my dad and even upon meeting my birth parents (which is a different story) when my birth mom tried to convince me that my parents had done their job but now it was time for her to step into that roll I was so offended I hardly speak with her. I knew who my parents are/were. I can’t be convinced that there is a father other than the one I have known all my life. I know his voice, I know his habits, I know how he usually will react, and I know without a doubt the love he feels for me. I am my daddy’s little girl. my mom is one of my best friends but she always tells me she could only get time with me when my dad was at work. We were always together. I adored him and he loved me. I am sure of my adoption in the natural world.

I can’t honestly say that about my adoption into the spiritual world.

I have days and moments of doubt. I am mature in Christ and have a long relationship with The Father. I never could say I doubt that I know He has adopted me. I get the concept and I fully believe I have been restored to fellowship with my rightful spiritual family. Yet still there is something. Something convicting me. Today at service that small voice inside kept repeating “I want you to know I am your Abba with the same surety you know Clarence King is your earthly father.”

It is a word that asks me to plunge deeper, love more freely, trust more fully, and to accept a birthright.


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