Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

Pranks = to trick: a obsolete: a malicious act b: a mildly mischievous act

Years ago my friends and I had a back and forth game of practical jokes we would play on each other. I was contenplating the promises of GOD about a month ago. I was pleading, begging, trying to understand how Christ could have given me so many dreams and promises yet my life seemed to have taken a turn in a direction that made those things seem even more and more impossible.

In His mercy GOD reminded me of a situation where I had a friend who was a popular singer in a band. I had another friend who was an uber fan. Desperate to meet this guy. They had just released an album with the lyric “hey wait, I got a real complant” as a joke I told this friend that the reason the band slured or made it hard to understand what they were saying was because they would know a true fan if that person “knew” the actual lyric. I told this person
longing to meet the band that the real lyric was “Hey wait, I got a new Cobain” I said it was a tribute to his new born daughter. This guy believed me, after the set, sucure that I had not miss lead him he marched straight up to Kurt and repeated what I had told him. I of course was standing to the side with friends I had let in on the joke and laughed as Kurt verbally insulted the guy and called him an idiot and walked away.

This was not one of my finer moments but as I replayed this event in my mind’s eye I heard that soft voice say. “I am not like this. my promises are Yes and amen. I love laughter but I cannot lie, I don’t play jokes. My word is my word. How long it takes to come to pass is of no matter”

I think I am not alone in sometimes feeling that GOD sends us a word, dream, or vision and months or years later we are wondering was GOD serious. Was I suppose to step out in faith. Is GOD up there giggling at me as He watches me fumble my way though the directions I was so sure were right because I trusted Him.

The answer is No. He laughs with us, He rejoices with us but He cannot lie. It is actually impossible for Him to lie. When GOD gives us a word we can be confident to move into it. We can plunge forward without a doubt. Unlike other
humans who will let us down or sometimes mislead us, regardless of if it is intended as a joke, meanness or just ignorance, GOD’s word is His promise.


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