Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

April 2nd of 2009 I had made a blog post about my frustrations with being in Tulsa, things not going how I planned and feeling very lonely and alone, despite actually having many friends here.

A friend responded with encouragement, understanding, scripture, and a challenge. What he was saying completely fit the situation and spoke to me very deeply about where I was. The Holy Spirit used his words to speak to me and change my outlook and the way I approach the situation when going to GOD. I was asking GOD to get me though that time, whining, and even considering running, yet that was not the response Christ was looking for at the time. He was teaching me how to be OK in all situations. He was refining me and growing me. The Holy Spirit was killing the “Self” part of me and replacing it with Him.

For some reason I marked this E-mail response ‘a word for your life’ and saved it. Tonight as I was cleaning out my email folders I found it and read the original response along with our back and forth exchange. I am now sitting here in tears of joy. So thankful to my friend for speaking when he felt led and grateful to GOD for the provision of putting people in my life that I would not have made it though had it not been for The Lord using them.

Truly it is a word for my life. We all must remember that those “thorns” are not horrible evils that must be taken away, but they are gifts that drive us to run into The Fathers arms. Since this post 2 years ago I have changed in the way I view my weaknesses. I can truly say they are gifts. I am eternally grateful to need The Fathers grace, mercy, and strength. I am even more thankful that GOD brought a person into my life that was able to see the good in my current situation and in me.

I post this as a thank you and a tribute to my friend but also to encourage all of us to never shrug back from speaking to those we care about in an encouraging and challenging way. Helping each other as we strive to win the race we are on is a great part of community.

So thank you, to this friend and all my friends. I love you, I love doing life with you and I have no idea how I could have made it though the last few years without you.


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