Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

Flowing Praise

What if the dreams and visions are your real life? GOD is King on the throne. Lord of all. His vision is in you, given to you. wisdom is from Him. He is not bound by the same rules of earth as us and He moves space and time to run to us when we call for Him. Our call breaks the boundaries of the laws of this earth but until we cry out He cannot rush to save us.

Why do we trivial of our own strength. Why do we try to make things work for ourselves. Why are we prouder of our country and its hording and self reliance then we are of Christ and His provision. What in us makes us turn inward to self before we turn inward to The Holy Spirit that dwells within. Why is fear more attractive then grace? Why is the dark more calling then the light. Even the darkness you make beautiful. Even You won’t let the dark sky exist without the moon and the stars.

You are Holy, A GOD of wonders. You are Holy. Trigger our souls to the depth of us Lord. Let us cry out to you. Let your presence and power be so strong in us that we cannot manage anything but to declare Your name in all the earth. Lord prompt us to say “Your will be done, on earth as it IS in heaven. Heaven come down to us, purify our hearts, make us like you. Holy Spirit flow though us to heal the sick, restore souls, remove hurts, raise the dead. Lord we cry for you. We cry for you. How can be even take a breath without you. How could we imagine one step without You. Why would we even want a moment without you. Every moment with You is better than a zillion moments on our own. Lord you are everything. You are life.

Ask for the wisdom, ask for the dreams, the words, the connections, the favor. Ask Papa GOD what He wants to give you, it is more than you can even form a thought of. He is not waiting for the perfect time or situation, He is simply waiting for you, your yes, your open arms, your willingness to have faith in His provision and guidance for what He asks of you.

Remember GOD doesn’t ask you to go or to do things for Him. He is asking you to go with Him. He is not sending you on a job He enjoys and longs for you so much He desires you to go everywhere He goes. To be with Him always, to the ends of the earth. He wants you to be with Him while He ministers to the people and places dear to His heart like you.

I don’t know who this is for. Some of it is for me I know but I felt compelled to type this during worship at house church and post it unedited. (I hope I didn’t mis-spell or mis-type to many words. 🙂


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