Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

45 days ago I was spending some time with GOD lamenting over a few thing I have been praying about for years. My Bible open to Psalm 40 I was so desperate in my cry I turned on U2 and blared the live version. Singing at the top of my lungs with tears in my eyes. HOW LONG! HOW LONG!

Then the voice. A clear voice I heard it. 51 days. Write it down and pray faithfully. Pray with faith and pray with thanksgiving. No more lament.

I write everything in my journal but this was so clear and is so important to me and my walk with Christ that I marked the date when the 51 days would be over. I am content, I have peace, a beyond understanding peace that GOD will keep His word and that amazing GOD things will be happening. I was so at peace that while I still antisipated the end of the 51 days I did not even think about the calender.

Then it happened. April came and I flipped over a new page on the calender. There is was. Highlighted in bright yellow, sharpie marker saying DAY 51! REJOICE! 12 days. My day of promise was only 12 short days away. I suddenly felt so excited. I don’t even know spacifically what is going to happen or come that day but I know it will be good, because GOD is good.

Then the voice again. “Do you want this so bad you would give things up for it” Me: “yes”. “Then give up 3 things you love until the date.” As everyone reading this already guessed coffee is out. For the other two I picked music. Background music I can’t control, like at work or music at a worship service is fine but no personal music. The last thing I gave up was family and worry related. To personal to go into for this post its a big deal.

So far so good. I thought Coffee would be the tough one but GOD has given me tons of grace there. Music has been the hardest and had the best affect. Without music in the car I find myself praying more and even listening more. The family issue has been hard, but things are moving along even without my hand in the mix. I have had to put a deeper trust in Christ to know everything is OK there.

So I wait. How long to sing this song? 6 more days. PRAISE GOD!


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