Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

It’s coming.

I make it. I made it though the 12 days, I made it though the 51 days.

The results? Other than enjoying a cup of coffee while listening to tracks I downloaded during my fast to enjoy today everything that can go wrong has.

I haven’t lost heart though. True I guess I imagined some firework kind of day. I expected my phone to ring, revelation around every corner, connections to be instantly forged, deals that I am waiting on to finalize, finances to be fixed, a future husband to knock on the door.

I am exaggerating and being dramatic of course and it is only noon. But so far the reality is last night was my first dreamless night in weeks and weeks. My phone is not working, its just a billing issue and easily fixed but I am on eternal hold with T-mobile. I spent 30 min getting the coffee pot to work. Had to fix the toilet. Woke up in major back/neck pain. I have a zillion errands to run and am not sure I want to leave the house 🙂

However, I am content. The enemy can try to discourage me or make me feel isolated but it is not true. Christ is closer then ever. I have had amazing revelations and I know more are to come. I know the deals will come together at GOD’s perfect timing. I know the finances are on the turn around. I know GOD has a person for me and I know that GOD is working on both of us. I know spiritual things are happening. I can sense it, feel it. Things today might not look much different then they did 12 day ago but I can feel it (coming in the air tonight) OK OK don’t know where that came from but it seemed appropriate to quote a little Phil Collins. Please forgive me. 🙂

GOD is good. ALL THE TIME!


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