Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

Today I did a really brave thing.

I stepped out in faith and followed a leading from Christ, even though at first I was nervous and scared.  Emotions are involved and I am nothing if not emotional driven.

What I discovered was the first step was the hardest.  Once I had prayed and waited in the arms of Christ until I felt peace, I went for it.   Thinking of Moses again I wonder if it was the first step away from the burning bush that was the hardest?

I re-read Moses story and really there is no more doubt in him once he makes that first step to take GOD at His word and direction.   I am sure Moses wildest dreams were not even close to what his life turned out to be and I am finding that true of my life too.

The connections GOD is working, the relationships in my life, and even what He uses my life for are so drastically different then I would have imagined or picked and I would not change one of them.

A while back a word was spoken over me that if I let GOD’s leading take me down the road I never considered the fruit would be so great that anyone near me would be blessed as well.   At the time I did not have the confidants in myself or in Christ to believe that and it felt kind of arrogant.   Today, I see it happening but it is not just a one-way street.  I see this promise in the lives of everyone I am growing closer too and how their fruit is spilling over into my life as well.

He is so big, so complete, so amazing.   Friday is quickly coming and with each day the song of my heart gets louder and louder.  I don’t want to waste the hugeness of what Jesus did by living a Christian life that makes sense and is comfortable over a moment to moment life in Christ that leads me to people and roads I never could have found myself.   I want to see everyone around me like Christ does.  I want The Holy Spirit to be my GPS.   It can’t be both ways though.

The Cross asks us to choose.   Religion or faith, Our desires or GOD’s desires, our eyes or His, an earthly view or a heavenly view, easy path with no big risks or hard first steps or hard firsts steps with a yolk that is easy.

I thank you Lord for all you have done.  I know I have been a whiner at some points but I thankfully have never endured the pain you have for me.  I have never agonized so much I sweated blood and because of You I will never have too.  I thank you for the family, friends, and loves in my life and I am thankful that each of them are glimpses of your glory and beauty with is indescribable.


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