Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

The end of June is here so I thought I would do a ‘what I like so far this year’ list.   The picks are in no particular order and all have 5 or less.


Super 8 ~ What can I say that hasn’t already been said. I fell in love with the big screen watching movies like this, and thankfully am still in love today.

Win Win ~ I went to a screening of this movie not knowing much about it or what to expect I really, really enjoyed it.

Tree of Life ~ Most won’t like it. 3 couples walked out of the showing I attended I have enjoyed Malick’s other films and have to say this one might be my favorite. It is very meditative in nature. The imagery was amazing. So Beautiful.

Hanna ~ I love these art house girl grows and kicks ass kind of movies. Perfect for summer. It helped that I got to see it in one of my favorite theaters while in Seattle.

Midnight In Paris ~ I was surprised by this movie. I was not excited to see it as Woody Allen is a writer/Director I used to like but has let me down with his last few outings. Enjoyed the story and enjoyed the performances, which also surprised me.

music:  I was going to say something about each album like I did movies but It got to long.  Lets just leave it at one of these albums is usually playing as my background music.   I think everyone is pretty familiar with all of these except maybe Gretchen Parlato which I recommend every one check out RIGHT NOW

Adell “21”

Bon Iver “Bon Iver”

Gretchen Parlato “The Lost And Found”

Coldplay “Every Tear Drop is A Waterfall” EP

The Joy Formidable “The Everchanging Spectrum Of A Lie”

Television:  There wasn’t much this year that I added to my list of must sees

Game of Thrones ~ LOVE LOVE LOVE. One of my favorite book series. I could’nt be more happy with the show so far.

Boardwalk Empire ~ I am pretty much going to like anything Steve Buscemi is in. Kelly Macdonald also gives a great performance. I am looking forward to the second season.


Pop Culture Happy Hour (NPR) ~ I like the roundtable, humor infused, just normal people conversation and opinions this show offers

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks ~ Each episode they pick out a snack, like Oreos and spend a whole podcast talking about it. Its always funny.

Doug Loves Movies ~ Doug Benson host celeberties and they chat and the play the Leonard Maltin game which is awesome

Tiny Desk Concerts (NPR) ~ Musisians and bands stop by NPR and perform 1-3 accustic songs and do brief interviews. Not usually long but a great way to get a taste for some music you might normally not listen to. I have discovered many new artist to add to my iTunes library via this podcast.


It will be interesting to find out if all of these entries make it to the best of 2011.

What are your favorites so far this year?


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