Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.


This morning when I was hanging out with Jesus  I had a vision of sitting in a movie theater.  It was a 3D movie.  I am not a big fan of 3D and I must have sighed in discussed when I realized it was 3D because instantly I was rebuked by The Spirit.  “This is the problem, my bride does not view me in 3D.”  “I want you to experience me in 3D.  I want to reach out and touch you and I want you to see my arm as it approaches.  I want all the colors of the rainbow to explode across the earth with my glory.  My desire is to be seen not only in 3D but beyond 3D.”    The truth of this hit me.  We talk and sing about GOD’s glory.  We even cry out for it but we don’t look expectantly for it to come at us like we do when we sit in the theater with our goofy glasses on.

How we view GOD matters. At church we just got done discussing the parables of Jesus.  In the story of the 10 talents.  The one who buried his said I SAW you as a shrewed business man. How we see GOD influences how He affects our lives.  If we see Him a shrewed and far off we make our requests and cross our fingers and hope He delivers.  If we see Him as wonderful bestowing gifts and riches on us and know He not only longs to see us grow what we have, He desires to give us more.  We will live expecting His arm to come jumping out of heaven to restore, heal and provide.  How you see Him  is important. how you see him, the way you see him who He is to you is who He will be through you.

The Israelites roamed in the desert for 40 years.  I wonder if they really needed to be there that long.  I often wonder if we need to be in our desert as long as we stay there.  Who made it in to the promise land?  The generation that said these men are our bread, they are nothing. They had a perspective of GOD that said He will either open the sea, or he will make a pillar of fire at night or a cloud during the day or mana will fall from the sky.  But whatever happens GOD is going to be with us and He is bigger than it.

The film reel has changed and He is charging towards us in all His glory.  He is popping of the pages of His book.  He is exploding out of our worship into our congregations and spilling out into the world. His arms are extending out of Heaven to hug us and envelope us in His love.  God is shifting the way we see Him. He is available to you and He wants you to understand He is not only available, He longs to be with you.  GOD wants to cultivate intimacy.  How do we cultivate intimacy with GOD?  It is in the thousands of  little touches, so when the big things come you wont be shaken.

Father, change our vision of You. Change our definition of You.  Expand and renew our minds to see You as You truly are.  Our provider, our lover, our healer, our joy, our creator, our everything.


Comments on: "A 3D GOD" (2)

  1. julie knapp said:

    awesome beck!!!! amen and amen! as i was reading that the Lord reminded me of this…
    over the past few years, on 2 occasions …..2 of my kiddos went to bed really sick. we prayed over them as they were going to bed that the Lord would not only comfort them but heal them. when they awoke the next day feeling much better….it was bella about 4 years ago and zaya this year……shouting…..’HE HEALED ME! HE HEALED ME!”

    Oh Lord, we ask You to take us BACK to our child-like faith! NOT HOPING BUT EXPECTING YOU TO MOVE WITH OUr every prayer that aligns with YOUR PROMSES!

    Love u beck!!!

  2. Becky that’s awesome!! This really blessed me this morning. Thanks so much for taking the time to share it. Wow… really beautiful.

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