Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

Last night I was undone.   

Driving  home I realized my necklace was falling off.   It has been coming loose and falling off for a few weeks now.  This time as I reached to recover it I broke down.  I knew that I knew this was GOD speaking to me.   I thought to myself, why didn’t I get that before.  I wear the necklace to remind me of a commitment.  Seven years, almost eight I have been praying into something.

Its time to let it go.  GOD is releasing me.

I was heartbroken. I wondered if all those years meant anything.  I went though the gamut of emotions.  My emotional rollercoaster ended in the “why’s”

Why did I give up my family, why did I stay here and at my church for all those tough times, why am I in a frigin’ land locked state, why, why, why?

“you love Me so you worshiped Me with sacrifice.  Real sacrifice costs you something”

Finally at home I felt prompted to read 2 Samuel 24.    I was reading and bam, there is was.


Let me  set the stage for the story in 2 Samuel 24:20

So there’s a guy named Araunah and one day David, the King of Israel knocked on his door asking if he could offer a sacrifice on his land.

Naturally he did what we would do if the King knocked on our door asking to use our land.  We’d say go for it.

So he tells the King to take whatever he wants for free and David says no.

David doesn’t want his stuff for free.

In fact, he insists on paying for the land.

Not because he wasn’t entitled to it. Or because the guys land had a ton of value. Or because he was being nice.


David refused because…

“He would not make a sacrifice to God that costs him nothing”


Catch that?

David insisted worship should cost him something.

Last night  this passage was comforting to me.  Then today as we celebrate those who have sacrifice for our country I got to thinking.  When was the last time worship cost us something?  How many times, if ever have we said I am about to worship The Ruler of the universe what do I have to offer that would cost me,so that He would know how much I adore Him?  So that He would know, no cost is to much to fall at His feet?

David insisted on offering worship to God only if it costs him something and David was called by GOD a man after His own heart.  I want GOD to say that about me too.


Comments on: "Hard for me, great for my soul" (2)

  1. I, for one, (and I’m sure there’s many others) who are glad that you’ve stayed in this land-locked state! You’ve affected so many lives miss Beck. So much fruit…. so much love… so much family. You’re a well loved woman 😉

    • Thanks Chris,

      Actually all the good the sacrifice brought into my life, even if it wasn’t want I was fighting for is all addressed in part two of this post which should auto post tomorrow. I wanted to break it down.

      Luv you back!

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