Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

In the story about David and his demand to pay for sacrifice ends with a victory.   

He built an altar to God there and sacrificed burnt offerings and peace offerings. God was moved by the prayers and that was the end of the disaster.  2 Sam 24:25

Tulsa isn’t my favorite place.  This is not news to anyone.    The problem with Tulsa are 3 things.   It is small, I love big city.  It is landlocked, I love the ocean,   It and most of its people are about religion, I love Jesus not their rules.

All that aside the thing I love about Tulsa is my friends.   I have given up family to be here.  GOD has asked me a few times to give up close friends.  I have even given up love and marriage to be here.  For a while those loses were tough but now I have the best friends and family in Christ ever!  GOD has been so good to me in that.  I know everyone loves their friends but I truly walk around sometimes thinking to myself I feel bad for those who are not in relationship with the people I am.   I mean GOD really did give me the best.   And the relationships He brought and even some He is building now are perfect.  Perfect timing, perfect fit, the whole package.   I never even dreamed or imagined a community like this existed, let alone that I would ever be part of it.   I am still missing the guy part but it will come.  GOD has promised me and so I wait for the day I meet a guy who is single who really does love Jesus with everything.  A guy who has also made a sacrifice that cost him.  I am not talking about trials here, even though overcoming those are good.  I am talking about willing costly sacrifice.   Right now I know no guy who fits that description.  Heck I hardly know any single guys.  🙂

There has been victory

If I had not sacrificed I would not know some of the best people of my life.   Because of them and sacrifice I have had victory in many, many area’s of life.  I have overcome some things I didn’t even know I struggled with.  Having these people in my life has even changed me.

I don’t believe that The Holy Spirit prompted me to return here in vain.  GOD is outside of time and knows but there are many stories where prayer changed things and so I don’t regret one moment I fought in prayer for what I saw  Some great things even came out of that.   Most in Tulsa are hurt and injured and so I get it.  They have grown up in a tradition where the works of The Holy Spirit are manipulated and faked.  Trust is not easily built but times are moving faster.

I don’t know what is next.  I feel no tug to uproot my life or for a big change right now.  I do know however, a weight has been lifted.  I do feel the prompting to take the energies I was focusing on elsewhere and point them towards house church and the people there.   GOD is up to something big.  I am willing to even now, even again pay for that sacrifice.   I may prayed many things in the last almost 8 years some of them happened, some may still happen but the lesson of this week is

Let’s move on, I (GOD) have something bigger in mind.


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