Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

Sunday night I had the following vision from The Lord.                                 

I saw a bread basket sitting on a very small side table.  It was one of those long, wire types.  Simple it had a red cloth napkin inside and a loaf of cut bread.  The bread was you basic loaf of french style bread.        

 In the vision I was then spun around and behind me there was a table.  It was a square bistro size table.  It was covered with a red table cloth and on it were at least a dozen different loafs of bread.  Artisan style breads.

Then I felt an impression in my spirit asking me “which table do you want to eat from?”  Of course I wanted the good bread.  It looked so fresh and good, I swear I could almost smell it.

Then poof the vision was gone.  As I lay there thinking and praying about what I had just saw I was impressed that this was a picture of the Bride of Christ.  That currently we have a poverty spirit even when it comes to ‘Partaking of Christ”   

When we take part in Communion we are partaking of Christ and He is by no means a boring, cheap, plain thing.  He is fullness and extravagance.  He is brilliant and unexpected.  He is satisfying and His love is sweet to us.  

So my question is which table do we want to eat from?  Does The Church want to continue at status quo.  Allowing for the works of The Holy Spirit as long as they fit into our predetermined plainness or are we ready to step up to a table filled with the different and unexpected and see how wonderful and satisfying it is.


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