Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

I KNOW!   CRAZY with a capital CRAZY!  Good crazy.  Awesome Crazy.  The kind of crazy I personally crave.

I saw Him.  I have dreams and vissions all the time but this was different.  Can’t explain.  What I do know is He stood there speaking over me. I did not hear a word yet I could feel my spirit take it in.  Jesus didn’t just give me some insight, He prophesied into my life.

It had to do with world leaders and nations.  Bringing a change in attitude to the church.   He spoke to me of mercy.  He spoke to me of loving people before they know Him.  A true love, not solely a love with agenda.

The next night (Mon)  I was praying/worshiping and The Holy Spirit gave me the insights I listed above.  During my experience with Christ it was so glorious, overwhelming and holy there was no way I could process what He was saying at the time.   Yet I came out of the visitation knowing big things were unleashed.

Anyhow, the next night as The Spirit was feeding and translating for me the download into my heart I felt Him say.  “Listen to Kris’ sermon from yesterday.  I listen to Ibethel each week but I had not yet.  The speakers rotate so I didn’t even know if Kris had spoke but of course when I opened the web page there it was.

GOD had Kris Vallotton preach a whole sermon just for me!!!!!!!!!!   More then honored.  OK I am sure it was for some others too, but I am claiming it.  I think I listened to the whole thing with my mouth open.  His message was about being fathers to nations.   The best moment was when he shared the story of an experience he has with Jesus where Jesus had said to him exactly what He had said to me as He left “History will tell us if you believed me”  (No pressure, right)

It has taken me several days to write this because, well how do you write about something like this.  Kris said he didn’t tell anyone and at first that is how I felt too.  People will think I am nuts or arrogant or something, but I can’t not speak it.   I feel somehow I am to share it so that others can pray into it with me.  They can hold me accountable and most important that I believe.   I do believe this word and all Christ said.

I believe it because He cannot lie or deceive.

I believe it because I can’t do it so this is all GOD’s thing,  I am just honored that He trusts me.

I believe because Kris Vallotton has gone before me.  Not that I am saying I will follow his same path or calling but he received the same proclamation that I did on how history will look and he believed and is walking it out.  The Holy Spirit has spoken through him so much and he affects the world daily.

I believe it because in the coming new year The Lord has spoken over and over that time is moving more quickly and that the time for religion and games are over.

He is love.  He is mercy.  He is truth.  He is SAVIOR!

Heaven is coming to earth and nothing will stop Him.  He is jealous for us.

“History will tell us if you believed me” – He said as He turned to vanish



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