Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

Transition Sucks.

I don’t do transition well.  That is what I am discovering.  I do change great, love it.  Sameness gets boring but I can handle it.   It is that time in between change and finding out change is coming that I am just not good at.

Everything in my life is in transition right now.

My dad’s health/family

House Church


My day to day life.

Add to that allergies that won’t relent and make my head want to explode, the fact that I can’t seem to do anything right over the last few days, I have broken stuff at work, stuff at home, a bowl at Eric and Heathers (sorry guys)  I am not sleeping that well this week.

The enemy is wiggling his way in, or trying.   Overall I think I have done well to be aware and to keep him at bay but today I feel closed in on every side.

Yet, I am thankful

Thankful for community and for those in my life that can pray and encourage and support, even when I am a screw up.

Thankful for a Father and GOD who loves me and wraps His arms around me even when I don’t react right, or trip up, or can’t see straight.

Thankful for a wonderful family.

Thankful for refreshing dreams and the gift of His presents.

Thankful for the sun shining.

I am thankful that His grace is sufficient.  I am thankful for His grace period.

Today at church my pastor talked about returning to slavery.  He asked us why we do it.  All the answers were right but the one that rang out to me and is true in my life right now is that there is an enemy who doesn’t want us free.   Fighting that enemy can sometimes seem like more work than slavery.  The reality is that there is no fight.  Christ has already won.  That is where I am trying to live during all this transition, in the realization that as my friend Chris says “He stands in our future calling to us”

Transition is a lot like waiting, I dislike waiting.


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