Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

As we were worshiping, I see you in meetings and crowds.
The Lord will give you plans and wisdom for world leaders. You will speak to millions.
You will be covered. My angels go with you,

Everywhere you go you find light. Look for light. turn your back to darkness.
When you see the light make it your focus. Jesus in people, places and situations is your focus. When you make Jesus the only thing the light spreads like fire. It overtakes the darkness.

Let go of small thinkers.

Say yes be movable.

I see a special gifting in Discernment of Spirits
of heavenly spirits and their rank and evil spirits
You see what is happening in the spirit world. That world is more real
to you then our world. You are a porthole for Heaven to earth.
You are the elect in Heaven. You are part of that government.
The Lord is calling you to your spot, your office, in this world as well.

Dream my dreams. Speak my words.

Say yes. Keep saying yes. Even when it is to big, especially when it is to big, keep saying yes. Your yes to GOD gives you power. Your yes to Jesus gives you love, Your yes to the Holy Spirit give you influence. Your YES is the currency of trust in The Lord.


When I start my pilgrimage to the west coast this word will be a year old. It isn’t the first one that I received about my calling or place in The Body but looking back I see it was a kind of beginning to all that is happening. It was the first time I received this kind of word that I was ready to hold on to it. Pray into it. Meditate on it. Truly believe it.

What made this word so much more powerful then the others. Many things I suppose. GOD had done a work in me about my value. I had desperately been seeking Christ and asking where my place was but mostly it was because the person who gave me this word at a Fri night house church doesn’t really know me. We are acquaintances if you asked him if he knew me he might say something like, I know that name.

As I read this word today it excites me but it also draws me to repentance. Repentance for not seeing the value of the people close to me that spoke words like this over and over. Repentance for saying I see Christ in those around me but when He uses them to speak I discount it. I wonder how ofter we do this? Discount or decide not to place value on words people give us because we know them to well, or they are not our favorite person, or we don’t see them as spiritual advisors because we see their human side and not their life in Christ.

I believe that the true prophetic of this age (after the death and resurrection of Christ) is to build up and encourage. The Holy Spirit wants to give us words so that we can walk in the calling of our lives, to take us from glory to glory, and to give us a defense against the lier and the evil one. Holding this belief, I realize I must learn to value GOD in EVERYONE around me.

I do……

I did………

At least I thought I did……..

But today Holy Spirit showed me I need to ‘know’ this truth at a deeper level if I am going to fullfil my calling as a prophet to the nations.

I want what He wants

So I repent. I ask for forgiveness and I ask The Lord to teach me how to have better vision and love. I repent, turn away from my shallow way of seeing and grab on to a deeper one.


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