Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

There is value in living in the place where you are satisfied and yet still longing for more. An Even grater value when that tension is a part of our relationship with Christ.

I didn’t realize until recently that I live here a lot. It was even just today that I got the revelation it was a good thing.

When I take those personality tests I always come out equally polar opposites. I started to wonder if this part of my makeup is what makes this tension so easy for me. Regardless of the situation or environment I am in it seems half of me loves it and half of me longs for something totally different. When I am alone I can’t wait to be with others again. When I am with others, I can’t wait to be alone. When I am working I can’t wait to be off, when I am off I can’t wait to be working. When I am resting in Jesus I long to be out serving Him and when I am serving I love for nothing more then just being in His presents. You get this idea.

Ultimately I always though this meant I was dissatisfied but The Lord is showing me the positive side of that coin. He is also teaching me that process is what happens when we can equally be complete in Him yet longing for more.

The song above has spoken to me in different seasons of my life. If I was to make a playlist of my life, this would be on it. Currently I am meditating on the idea that while on earth GOD and I fight 10,000 wars. My resisting His will, Him breaking down my stubborn pride, hand in hand against the enemy. In the end this is my revelation.

After the battles and we’re still around
everything once up in the air has settled down
sweep the ashes let the silence find us
a moment of peace is worth every war behind us


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