Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

Water is Life

I am house sitting for some friends while they are out of town. This morning while I was watering their many beautiful, full of life flowers and talking with GOD I realized that the grass is dead as dead. I know it is hot and many are not focusing on their lawns to conserve water but it struck me how such beauty and life could be right next to death. I kind of started grumbling about how lack of water sucks and that this grass is so dead, who knows if it will ever come back. I was thinking how the grass is useless. It isn’t pretty, you can’t run though it in your bare feet.

GOD stopped me in my tracks!!!!!!

Holy Spirit: “How dare you speak death over my creation”

ME: “What!!!!! Come on Jesus, I am not speaking death over it, I am just acknowledging the situation.

Holy Spirit: “This is the problem with my people. You think a state of being is permanent, you think see death, destruction, sin, failure everywhere. I don’t see that. I see life. I long for a people who speak life into dry bones. WATER THE GRASS!!!”

Then The Lord spoke again “Water the dead grass, bring it to life”

Holy Spirit: “Don’t you see, if you want something to come alive you can’t tell it that it is dead, you must water it. AND it takes time. Life isn’t always instant. If it took The Son of Man 3 days in the grave to bring life to the world, how do you expect to bring life in an instant with no sacrifice and without knowing the value of what you want to breath life into?”

ME: “I need to get some more love on and start speaking life. Over EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Not just the people I already like and love but the people I dislike and disagree with as well. Holy Spirit help me.”

Holy Spirit: “I would love nothing more then to be with you in this. Your amazing, I love you so much”

Side note: The last year or so, every time I am talking with Christ, He ends with “Your amazing, I love you so much” I have never felt so alive in my life. I thought about how in my life The Holy Sprit doesn’t see the failure or death in me, he sees life and He says it is good. Not only do we have GOD’s words that teach us this lesson, our own life in Christ sings it.

You know why?



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