Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

Waves of salvation

In a dream I had a few weeks ago I saw the whole west coast, parts of Canada all the way to Mexico.

3 huge waves came and overtook the land. The first wave was like a cleansing. When I prayed into this dream I felt the Lord say this wave has begun.

The next wave was an impartation of truth and identity. 

As the 3rd wave receded I saw millions of lights,  the lad looked like the night sky crowded with lights.  Souls redeamed and saved. 

As I have been praying into this dream I am filled with hope and excitement.  GOD is on the move and moving fast.   I pray these waves move further and further inward until all of the US are
“Baptized ”  into the Lords truth. 


Comments on: "Waves of salvation" (1)

  1. So exciting! I recently had a dream of waves overtaking an island. I am still pressing into it…and am thrilled to find this post! Blessings!

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