Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

The thing about 40

I love today. This wonderful day where my Daddy has lavished me with love. A wonderful couple continuing to give me a place to stay, provision for my needs, friends to love me and that I can love, and even ice cream.

I opened my Bible to Acts, our next book to read for school and right there in verse 3 it says;

After his death, he presented himself alive to them in many different settings over a period of forty days. In face-to-face meetings, he talked to them about things concerning the kingdom of God. Acts 1:3 (MSG)

I had decided over the summer that my impending 40th birthday was not so tragic. Something in me was excited about it. I shared this with my friend Chris who told me she had done a word/number study around her 40th birthday and it got her jazzed. I decided that for the 40 days leading up to my 40th, I would do that too. I have been doing it, but not to the extent that I would have liked. There is so much revelation and learning happening at school that it is hard to even consider pressing into other topics right now and frankly, with the season I am in I know Holy Spirit is showing me the things I need to know.

There have been some cool happenings. During worship one day, Holy Spirit told me ‘you know the desert was a process but after 40 years the Israelites entered the Promise Land. Entering the Promise Land wasn’t a process it was an event that happened after the 40 year process. That is what is going to happen to you.’ So to say the least I am excited and expectant. Promise Land come to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, in the name of Jesus.

Sorry I trailed off there, I am just so excited to see what GOD will do.


He is doing it already.

He is showing up and showing off, to me, in me and for me.

He is so so so Good.

As I read Acts 1:3 something clicked. I went back and looked at my journal. Oct 5th marks 40 days until 40. I realized stuff started happening. Dreams came back, after being absent from the day I rolled into Vacaville. In these last weeks my relationship and my revelation of who He is and who I am in Him has been upgraded so much and continues to climb.

He appears to me and is revealing Himself in so many ways at so many places.

I feel like this season is my personal 40 day Acts experience. I love it, Like the disciples I don’t want this season to end. I want to feel Jesus and see Him this close forever but I know the best is yet to come. I know Holy Spirit is going to be more alive and more real to me than ever when I get to the promise land.

The enemy knows it too and so his pressure is there and worldly situations still need a lot of help but there are 26 days left of Jesus showing up and showing off, and the rest of my life for Holy Spirit to show up and show off in the promise land. Satan can try


I am not staying in the desert!!!! I am ready for the cool of the promise land (and Autumn)


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