Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

As I was praying into the year I saw a few pictures and The Lord gave me a sense that big things were coming in the year ahead
I believe that revival/renewal comes this year.  I saw pockets of it everywhere on this big map.  Tulsa as a targeted spot. I see it sweeping Tulsa, the state, the Bible belt and then on to merge with other pockets and restore our country.   I saw the bride of Christ rise up and take her place.  She was beautiful and without blemish.  There is a new revelation that proceeds this move that comes almost instantaneously to those who pray and seek, that revelation is of their place as a saint, as a son and daughter.

As I prayed I felt the timing was fall or last quarter.   I sought GOD on what that meant for the first part of the year and I got a picture of an olympic athlete, a swimmer.  I saw him with his bag walking into the venue for the competition.  When he entered he opened the bag and started taking things out like goggles, his USA team jacket, ets.  These were tools that he needed for his skill or his gift so to speak.  I then saw a separate vision where small gold treasure boxes were coming down from heaven so very softly almost floating gently into the hands of the person they were purposed for.

I quickly understood the treasure chests.  They were the supplies we need for our particular giftings.  They are the things we need as we “dive in”.  Everyone gets a treasure box this year.   I pressed in asking The Lord about the athlete and what he was doing.  Holy Spirit showed me that the past few years have been about training.  What the person was doing now was preparing.

I believe The Lord is saying this is it.  The big event is around the corner,  It is time to get to the venue/place we are created for and get prepping.  I hear the Lord say “you are trained” “you are ready”   It just remains to stretch and get focused.  The race is coming and you will win, because Christ has already been victorious.


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