Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

Here is the story of what happened last night at Peet’s Coffee for all those who asked.  Please keep these 3 women in your prayers.  I am so hopeful about what Christ is doing in their lives.


Last night I was at Peet’s Coffee.  I was reading minding my own business when 3 woman sat down at the table next to me.  Out came a tarot deck.  This immediately struck my interest.  

I could not really hear what they were saying but I could see the cards.  Instantly I felt several things.  The first was empathy for the lady reading the cards.  The gifts and callings of GOD are irrevocable (Rom 11:29) and could tell this lady was gifted. I could tell she was struggling with the interpretation.  As she spouted off what the cards represented and looked up things in her ‘Tarot Bible’ it was obvious she somehow knew it was off.  I can relate to that.  I remember back in my early 20’s, aware that I had some special gift, I turned to tarot cards and making birth charts.  I was good at it, pretty accurate but it was always missing that one important piece.   As good as it was, it seemed empty, void, not really a solution.  I felt for this lady, I knew GOD had placed a gift in her and she had the knowledge to share with people in a way that brought them into truth and light.

The second thing I felt was for the lady getting the reading.  She had an issue.  That much is clear, I mean why else would you get a tarot reading.  I prayed and instantly Holy Spirit gave me the whole story.  It was a court case.  Involving old friends and family had been pulled into the matter.  This woman’s pain for her grand kids and that their family would be ruined and there would be no legacy for them was tearing her up inside.  I sat at my table and pressed in.  Asking GOD for His wisdom for her.  How to share His love with her and how much she, her kids, her grandkids, and the dreams of her heart mattered to Him too.

Third was the lady who was with them.  She was so down on herself it didn’t take a prophet to see it.  So I asked Holy Spirit.  “I want a word for her too?”  

I waited about 20 min.  All the while praying silently, and watching.  Finally I felt the right moment had come.  I packed my stuff and as I walked by their table I said “excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice you guys were doing a reading. I could not really hear what this was all about but I think I have some insight for you. Do you mind if I share?”  

The two woman receiving readings were open but the psychic didn’t seem so happy I was interrupting her.  I can’t really explain it but suddenly it was like her eyes were saying “You got nothing”  That of course just got me more excited.  I knew right then and there something big was going to happen for these ladies. 

 As I started talking it became one of those experiences where I was hearing myself say things I didn’t even know I knew.   I explained to the woman with the court issue all that was going on.  I even, to my own amazement, blurted out two very important dates one in March one in April that she then freaked out about because one was a private meeting to see if they kept their court date and the other was the court date.  (Go Holy Spirit). I continued on sharing some dreams of her heart and how those were going to happen.  

I spoke next to the other woman receiving a reading.  I won’t go into details but basically by the end she asked for my number and wanted to know if we could talk more about GOD and if she could come to church sometime.  (COME ON!  GOD is so good!)

Lastly, I spoke to the psychic. I began by telling her how the gifts and callings of GOD were irrevocable.  By affirming she had something and was also a seer, which she confirmed. The rest was kind of a word kind of me telling her my story of not understanding, having friends and family not really understand what I had and how I too didn’t have the vocabulary or the training to explain what I knew and saw.  The conversation didn’t win her over but I could tell it was impacting her and she was thinking about it. One thing she did say is that no one had ever called what she had a gift, those that she cared about always called it a curse. She had begun reading tarot cards as a way to earn money.  She thought if she earned enough money doing it, her family would see the success and not view her as cursed.  That broke my heart.  I asked her if I could pray for her and she said yes.  I said just a short prayer of blessing and asked GOD to make His love known to all three of the women.

I know this story seems crazy but I really want this to happen all the time.  My heart isn’t to sweep in and prove all the mystics and psychics wrong.  I think many times they are very accurate for reasons discussed above. But I want The Church to take back this area.  I am tired of hearing that police stations call in psychics for missing person cases.  I am tired of mystics having hit TV shows.  I am so so ready for the Prophets and the Seers to reemerge in our world.  For us to be known not just as the people with the answers but as people who bring those answers wrapped in love and redemption.   



Comments on: "3 women, a tarot deck, and me" (2)

  1. Awesome! God is great and you spoke His word well. Following His lead. I will also pray. I was lost myself and God spoke to me through you. Calling me back. Thank you

  2. Crying tears of joy as I read this! God is soooo faithful and soooo full of love for his sons and daughters! I will be praying for these ladies and for you to experience MORE of Holy Ghost interventions!

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