Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.


Something big is coming.

Never before have I been in a place like this. I have learned to live expectantly. I enjoy change.

But this is different.

The expectation of what is to come is higher than ever.

Yet hunger and satisfaction are co-existing in my like never before.

Sometimes I feel expectation yet take no responsibility for partnering with it.

Other times  I dive in with all abandon to what I see on the horizon and miss what is happening now.

Not this time. This time I have struck the match. I long for the fire of the manifested presence of GOD to invade our world, yet I am so enamored and in love with even the little sparks of His love and presence as the kindling starts to burn.

What a sweet paradox it is to enjoy the gifts of today and dream with GOD about the future.

In Him, we never have to miss a thing if we  just abide.


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