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What I see for 2014

I have been praying into 2014 for a few months now.  This is my 5th year to intentionally ask GOD for a word for the year ahead. I feel like a broken record because every years word starts with.  THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!  This year is no exception.  I am behind on posting this because I have been trying to find a different way to start this year’s word and frankly, finally Holy Spirit just said “why?”  “With GOD each year is amazing”.  The Word even tells us that there is no end to the increase of His government and peace (Isaiah 9:7).  So without further rambling, here is all the amazingness I see for the year ahead.  I pray this word encourages you and draws you to Jesus in a new and deeper way in 2014.   vision-image-Key

The first thing I saw was a map of the world spread out on a table.  I was looking at it from above.  It seemed like a I was actually in Heaven looking down.  Doors appeared over the map between where I was and the world.  I saw people walking up to the doors and opening them.  The doors opened into heaven, not out of Heaven.  As these people stood in the doorways, the map lifted off the table.  I heard a voice ask me what I saw and I responded with “I see the Earth is rising”  “the voice responded with “no longer do I desire bits of Heaven to come to earth, through The Saints, I call Earth to come to Heaven”.   The vision continued for a few minutes, as I sat mesmerized at all of the possibilities that could be on Earth if the atmosphere was constantly like that of Heaven.

I documented this vision and in the weeks to follow I asked GOD for more clarity on what I saw.   I realized the doors were placed strategically over spots in the world.  Northern CA, Tulsa (Bible belt), Pennsylvania and other historic birthplaces of the US, were locations that I had gotten significant words for in 2013 word.  I feel The Lord is continuing to do great things in these areas.

In addition to those doors, there were doors over South Africa, India, Iceland, Peru, Germany, Nigeria, Indonesia,  Egypt, Turkey, Vancouver CA, and a huge door covered the Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Bahama’s area.

I prayed into each of these doors.  I saw that in the first half of this year, those doors allowing Earth to rise up to Heaven start opening.  What was cool was that the doors opened and then the keys were given.  The Lord is saying the doors are not locked, we don’t need keys to open them.  All we need is to open them from the right side, the side of Heaven.  Once these doors open, The Lord is giving us the keys to keep them open.  This is more symbolic than functional.  As these doors open, it is a sign to The Enemy, they will not be shut or locked ever again. GOD gives us the keys as a charm to wear if you will,  they are a manifestation of the reality of  doors that can never to be shut.  Nothing is currently locked.   I felt this was a point of importance.  We as Saints must grasp the revelations that nothing is shut to us.  Nothing is locked.  The key’s are this revelation.  I saw that people are going to be finding keys and receiving keys as gifts this year in the natural.  When we get a key in the natural, it is an invitation from The Lord to seek out the spiritual “open door”

The second big vision I saw while praying for the year ahead was one that had to do with eyesight.  I saw two pictures side by side.  I saw all the current worldly sight developments happening.  People getting glasses and contacts, surgery, Google glasses, more advancements in seeing into space and the rise of photo technology and visual ways to communicate via the internet.  The 2nd picture was of The Saints doing and seeing in the same way we always have.  Then suddenly, there was a flash of fire and then a wave of rain and how we saw and perceived was changed in an instant.   I don’t know how to put this in words, but love and how to love people was restored.  How we see Jesus, each other and pre-Christians is going to change.  Fear is going to take a major hit this year.  Fear is a mirage.  Our eyes will be clear to move forward.  A new ability to embrace change and originality is also part of this new sight.  When I asked why I saw these two pictures side by side The Lord told me that He is calling his people to search out new vision in a greater way than the world does.  No longer would our vision, inspiration, and creativity be second to the world.  He showed me that the world keeps inventing things that increase sight and vision but true sight and vision is a person, Jesus.  Dreams, visions, and Heavenly encounters are no longer going to be experienced by a few.  All of this is going to be restored as part of the normal Christian life as Earth rises up to Heaven.  We will see the way Heaven sees.

There is going to be a great meld of loving people and the supernatural this year.  Things like feeding the poor and seeing dramatic healings while doing so are going to become the norm.  Because of our new sight, a new unity of streams and denominations will arise.  In the year ahead, The Saints that choose to find common ground with other Saints and work together is where kingdom advancement comes. Several years ago I had a vision of 3 streams turning into raging rivers.  This year I saw that again but this time the rivers were on a path to run into each other and merge.  I believe the actual merging is more in the following years but this year will be the start of the rivers coming together.

I could go on and on about what I saw happening with each of the areas that had a door over them and if you are interested in any particular door, you can ask me and I will share what I saw and am feeling.

I am so, so excited about the year ahead.  For me personally, in just the last 3 days, I feel love and the desire to love well up in me in a new way.  I feel we just can’t help but overflow to everything around us as we love and worship Jesus.  He is so good.  Blessings to you in 2014.


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  1. This is so good, Becky!! Thanks for sharing! =)

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