Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

   I want to go

where they tell me its impossible

fan the flames and walk on water

I’ve got Heaven locked up in these bones

This song, “Heart Beats” has become my prayer.

In the last 2-3 weeks something has happened to me.  I don’t have words, I am not even sure I fully understand.

What I do know is it is a shift, a huge shift.  And shift means change. I am good with change I actually enjoy it. I want life to be adventurous and without change, there is no adventure, only normality.

 I realized something today.                images

                      I  am not doing the impossible.

                                          I am not fanning the flame in my vains.

                                                                    I am definitely not walking on water.

 I am using finances, that are not even great, as an excuse to keep one foot on the shore.

 I have dozens of testimonies of GOD coming though for me in the 12th hour.  I am thankful for those but I am convicted that I have few testimonies where I made a specific choice that required me to plant my feet in faith.  I want the benefits of radical faith but I am not living it.  At least not to the degree I want to.

 I want the choices in my life, to match up to the passion of the songs that are the prayers and soundtracks of my life.

 I want to see The Living GOD love people in such radical ways that everything they know about life and who they are created to be changes and I am willing to take any risks and pay any price to be a part of that love.

 I have drawn yet another line in the sand, now it is time to take a step of faith over it.


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