Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

I Love A Rainy Night.

This Sat is 1 year since my dad passed away. 

My sister-in-law had brain surgery for a brain hemorrhage that was wrapped around her brain stem last week. 

I have been sick for over 2 weeks and still recovering from a Kidney infection.

I found out yesterday that the Dr wants me to come in on Fri to discuss test results.   Which does not seem encouraging.

My mom is trying to be positive but she is worried about all of us and this is one tough week for her.

I am more than worried about finances with sickness and all this time off.

I’m at that stage where I am not sleeping and feeling sick all the time but simple stuff like emptying the dishwasher or taking a shower means its nap time.

The last two days have been the hardest.  I can’t be with my family this weekend because of illness and cost.  I can’t drive yet because of the pain drugs (which I am slowly working myself off of).  I don’t know where I would go if I could drive.  I can’t stop thinking about bills, family, my dad, why I am not recovering faster, what else could be wrong.  I don’t know how much more TV I could watch or books I could read or how many more times I could read the same stuff on FB.


It got me thinking about this Eddie Rabbitt song my dad liked.  He had the 8 track. 🙂  It made me feel a little better.  It reminded me of something to be thankful for.  I am trying to focus on the thankful.  Being thankful and recounting the thankful is what is keeping me from the big black hole I feel like I could fall into at any moment

Thankfulness really is a powerful weapon.

Here is that Eddie Rabbitt song.  I’m thankful for my Dad, and a rainy night.


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