Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

Change and growth

“Growth without change is impossible. Significant growth without significant change is impossible.”–Dean Radtke    treegrow

WOW.  This grabbed me today.

Then a friend of mine posted on FB on the subject of how much more there is to know about The Lord.  Which sparked my own conversation with GOD.  I came to the conclusion that the change that brings the significant growth can only come from encounter which leads to the renewed mind.

This was my response to his post:

I had this realization of the depth and wonder of The Lord reading Revelations 4:5-about 15 I think. It is the 4 living creatures who fall on their face and worship. The word says they do that for eternity. I wondered about why they had eyes all over their body. I was asking GOD for some incite to this and I heard one of the pastors at my church sharing that Holy Sprit has showed him that the eyes were for unlimited perspective. 

Being able to see GOD on the throne from so many different angles, ways, and view points is what kept them worshiping. As The Word explains every time the creatures gather themselves and start to flap their wings and move, they get a gimps of GOD from a new perspective and down they go, singing Holy Holy. 

I hold a core value that because Jesus said that we would see greater things then He saw while on earth and that we would do greater things then He did once the Holy Spirit came on Pentecost, if it is in the Bible it is available to us. So while I am currently on earth and not in Heaven I can’t be directly in front of the throne with the 4 creatures I can ask GOD to give me the ability to see Him in everything and in new ways. That is what keeps it exciting for me. That is what keeps me thankful and my heart exploding with “Holy Holy is The Lord GOD almighty.

There is a song by Lifehouse that has the lyric “how can I stand her with you and not be moved by You?  Great question.

If we are really encountering Christ, isn’t change a part of that.  Shouldn’t being moved. Shouldn’t a renewed mind and growth as a by product of that be what we experience?

Within that encounter, within that change of perspective and ideas, wouldn’t growth be the natural outcome?  I am mostly verbal/writing processing this here.  What are your thoughts?



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