Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.



About 2 years ago during Supernatural school our instructor passed out random objects and we held them while the other students prophesied over us.  The words were short.  Little things that came to mind as they saw me holding this word made of wood.

One of the word was The Lord was going to do more than I could ever dream. That Holy Spirit would take my dreams, no matter how big or outlandish and invite me to imagine even more that those big dreams contained.

Right now in my life, those big dreams I added my imagination to are not all a reality. But there is such a shift. I can see the details lining up. That includes

The things that are challenging.

The things that I have to let go of.

The things that have been lost

The areas of lack

The places of fear

BUT it also includes:

The cover of His rich love

The provision for my needs

The people GOD has put in my life whose love is constant

The growth and revelation 

The increased intimacy between Christ and I. 


Ecclesiastics has it right:  To everything there is a season. 



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