Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.

Where my life is going.

This has been an interesting year for me.  If I was to break it down I would say the first part of this year was showing me the depths of what is possible and what I have been called to.  The summer was about character development and mind renewal.  Now here I am in what I am calling the season of no nets.

I knew He has said the time was now to step out and I was ready.

At least I thought I was….

I told Him I was….

Yet some key pieces were still missing.  I was going about life.  Having a flexible part-time job and accepting some contract web work on the side that has sustained me.  In my free time I would worship, be in the word, write some teachings and work on book writing.  All to be ready and to steward the words GOD has given me.

Then one day last month, I got frustrated with The Lord.

A few doors opened and while I have provision to cover my needs, I don’t have even a dime extra. I don’t have extra to travel, so I have turned down some invitations.  The house I live in sold and I need to move.  My truck that I loved lived its life and I am transportation less.  I was really upset.  I didn’t understand.  People who know me know I will follow where The Lord calls every time.  That I walk on, regardless of fear.  I thought I was the master of punching fear in the face and that my trust level in Christ was high. I thought I was solid in this area.  GOD however, had another idea.  He thought it was time for an upgrade.  So He asked me.

“Why are you keeping safety nets?”

Ouch!  Wait!  What?  Are you telling me GOD, that my life looks like I live with safety nets?  Yeah, all this extra I have just laying around.   MAD.  Let me be honest, I was mad and offended.

The #1 thing I wrestle with in my mind is:  Does my life have fruit of the crazy decisions I make, or am I just being irresponsible.  And here GOD is telling me I am not crazy enough?

But again all I heard was “Why are you keeping safety nets?”

One thing I know about this question is that GOD wasn’t looking for me to explain. He had something to show me.  He was hoping I would ask.  So I did.  “What safety nets?”

Holy Spirit started showing me at least a handful of places where fear of man and worry about finances were keeping me from fully committing to His call.  I am still working on what to lay down and how to even do it but what I do know is I have to plunge ahead.  These are the things I am doing.

*I have started a new FB page called “When God Speaks”.   I am stepping into my calling as a prophet which means I have both words to give and that my heart is to train and equip the saints.  This name seems to cover all those bases.  I would be honored if you would follow my page and engage in the conversation.

*I have created a file for invitations that I am believing The Lord to provide the up-front finances for

*I will be recording some teachings and words and putting together a strategy for posting them online.

*I have told The Lord that I want to release all my safety nets and asked Him to help me cut those loose.  Oh, how He responded.  My two web build contracts that would have been my provision for the end of the year both feel though.  I still am working my part time job but GOD is making it clear, that is not something I will be doing for long (which is emotionally sad for me because I love it and it is a passion of mine)

*I am taking my trust to a whole new level.  Christ has already been so faithful.  Every time even the littlest though of reconsideration to wait and play it safe comes in, my phone rings with a friend with a word.  I get a text message.  Someone comes up to me and says I have been on their mind more these last few weeks then normal.

*I am asking people to partner with me: In many and every way.  Please pray. Please share any words you get. Please continue to be encouraging.  And this is the hardest part to ask and an area where GOD has been clear that I don’t fully trust Him, because I think it is more responsible to work and support the ministry by myself, that ask for help to be in this ministry with 100% of my time and self to get it off the ground.  If you feel the leading from The Lord to support me and When GOD speaks on a monthly level or in a one time donation towards transportation, non-profit filing, travel, and general living, please contact me and I will give you my pay-pal info.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for believing in Christ in me and the hope of His calling.  I am blessed.


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