Tracing the steps of my life as it crosses the bridge from all about me to all about Jesus.


I am just a girl trying to find Jesus everywhere I can and learn to live life His way and not my way. Pop Culture and art are important parts of my life and to the way I see faith and my relationship with Christ. I am a U2 fan and offer a warning that their lyrics will show up frequently along with other pop culture references in this blog. I also like the ocean, Jack Handy, comfy clothes and have a very Biblically solid theory that popcorn was the manna from the sky.

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  1. OK I’m gonna try to remember what I replied originally when I wrote this letter to you (that was like 18 hrs. ago so you know I’ve forgotten half of it… old man) It was good too…. hahahaha

    OK I do recall my opening words were,
    “Oh Becky how refreshing”

    1st of all let me say Thank you for your obedience to the Lord and following of His Spirit in your life. The simple fact that you choose to pray and encourage for this guy who connected with/to you via Steelehouse Podcast is amazing to me.

    2nd… Thank you for following the Spirit in being such an encouragement and example for others to see & follow. You new venture into your schooling journey, speaking encouraging words to others and much more are just a touch of the example you are setting. Thank you.

    Now let me say I receive the word you have for me and Focus Church.

    “Thank you Lord for doing a new thing in and around us. I (we) long fot Your revelations of Joy, Peace & Worship. Father, give me (us) strength and courage to stand boldly in this new thing you are doing. Amen”

    Oh Becky let me tell you that my and wife have been experiencing recently that it appears God is on the brink of doing something… within us individually and corporately. The wonderful piece is others within the church are feeling that same stirring…, so we are eager and come expecting everyday.

    So much so that one of the members/leaders of our church started a Thursday night of prayer with the intention of creating this extra avenue for us to just “Go After God” – it starts at 6pm and could last, well, however long…. they call it “Pressing In”.
    I love it!!!
    It excites when others move and act and I dont have to be a part of getting it going (if that makes sense).

    There is another from our church that sent me a letter written from a woman in ministry who operates in the prophetic that I could pass onto you if you like.
    Which leads me to say, YES PLEASE send me ALL the info you have of the levels of worship via the pouring oil on Jesus’ feet. I would love to look through and study it.

    Thank you again. I covet your prayers for me and our church. They are much appreciated. Let us engage. Thank you.
    And thank you for encouraging me so.

    I’ll close with it as well,

    “Oh Becky how refreshing”

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