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The Return of Joy

At some point you just have to drive a stake into the ground.

So I did.

Looking in the mirror I realized I had lost my joy, I was tired or the things I was doing & not doing. I was tired of being frustrated. I was tired of sickness. I was tired of mourning death.

I was tired of being tired.

So I took steps to rediscover myself.  One of the first things I did was pick up a book.  A real book.  And read it.  AHHH!  The floods of joy were overwhelming.                   books

How could I have let life and the internet take away those times with a book.  I realized the only thing I had read in a little over a year was the Bible and even that was in survival mode, not for joy or for revelation.

This may seem like a silly thing to be the start of break through but GOD works in mysterious ways and a core value of  my life is that STORY MATTERS. So I will take it.

The picture is of all the books I am currently reading.  What are you reading?  What would you suggest I add to my pile?

Becoming A Woman Who Loves

As far as Bible studies go “Becoming a Woman Who Loves” is a solid effort. I was given the opportunity from NavPress to review the study. I did this study on my own and must admit that while I could see great value in it for someone who really struggles with being loving this study was pretty typical. It used and sited all the verses you would expect. The questions posed are easily answered with shallow, let me get though this responses. I did like the general set up and pacing of the study. Where I would recommend this book highly is at a woman’s Bible study. A group of woman going though it together that could discuss the points and passages a bit deeper I think would benefit more then doing the study solo. It also creates accountability in putting into practice what the study addresses, walking in love.

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