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About 2 years ago during Supernatural school our instructor passed out random objects and we held them while the other students prophesied over us.  The words were short.  Little things that came to mind as they saw me holding this word made of wood.

One of the word was The Lord was going to do more than I could ever dream. That Holy Spirit would take my dreams, no matter how big or outlandish and invite me to imagine even more that those big dreams contained.

Right now in my life, those big dreams I added my imagination to are not all a reality. But there is such a shift. I can see the details lining up. That includes

The things that are challenging.

The things that I have to let go of.

The things that have been lost

The areas of lack

The places of fear

BUT it also includes:

The cover of His rich love

The provision for my needs

The people GOD has put in my life whose love is constant

The growth and revelation 

The increased intimacy between Christ and I. 


Ecclesiastics has it right:  To everything there is a season. 


Plane ride convo



I posted this quote on FB and it has been rolling around in my head for weeks

When the faithful saturate their schedules with Christian events at Christian venues with Christian people, the world has a hard time believing we hold the rest of the world in high esteem. -Gabe Lyon

With the question of what things do I need to shift or add in my life to make sure that I am not segregating myself to a exclusive group of people who believe what I believe, act like I act, and do the things I do,  I headed to the airport to return to Vacaville from Tulsa.

I was flying stand-by.  It took a long time to get home.  I was bumped from a total of 9 flights in two cities before I finally got the last seat, a middle exit row seat.  I boarded the plane close to last and as I sat down I realized the two men in my row were talking about the work the window seat guy did in third world counties providing wheel chairs to those who need them.  I quickly joined the conversation.

It sounded pretty cool.  He was explaining how in some places the chairs have to look and work different because of the terrain.  The exciting stories about what it took to get in some countries.  So I asked him, “what is your company?  Is it a ministry, or do you just do it personally?  The following is the exchange that followed

He laughed:  “It’s not A ministry.  I make a point not to work with ministries or churches”

ME: “Oh, why not, it sounds like something Christians would be interested in.”

HIM:  “You would think, but until they can evangelize you and get you saved, or you make a deal with them that they can hand out Bibles or other literature, they won’t work with you and trying to work with them is a pain in the ass.”

ME: “Wow, I am sorry about that.  I’m a Christian and I think it sucks that is your experience.”  “I lived a long time in The Bible Belt, I know how religious systems can kind of take over and govern decisions.  In the long run though I think they have the best of intent.

HIM:  “Yeah.  I grew up in Church.  I believe in GOD and all. I just don’t buy into the exclusivity of it.  There is an unspoken rule;  I can’t be your friend or work with you, even doing good, unless you are my project.  No one wants to be someone else project, not even the people I give wheelchairs too.'”

Then the other guy chimed in and the conversation went a different way.  The wheels in my head were turning.

How many wonderful people, doing good things for the world are out there and we don’t know them?  We won’t work with them? We don’t love them or the people they love,  just because they are not Christians?  There is so much here that I will be pondering this next week.


Change and growth

“Growth without change is impossible. Significant growth without significant change is impossible.”–Dean Radtke    treegrow

WOW.  This grabbed me today.

Then a friend of mine posted on FB on the subject of how much more there is to know about The Lord.  Which sparked my own conversation with GOD.  I came to the conclusion that the change that brings the significant growth can only come from encounter which leads to the renewed mind.

This was my response to his post:

I had this realization of the depth and wonder of The Lord reading Revelations 4:5-about 15 I think. It is the 4 living creatures who fall on their face and worship. The word says they do that for eternity. I wondered about why they had eyes all over their body. I was asking GOD for some incite to this and I heard one of the pastors at my church sharing that Holy Sprit has showed him that the eyes were for unlimited perspective. 

Being able to see GOD on the throne from so many different angles, ways, and view points is what kept them worshiping. As The Word explains every time the creatures gather themselves and start to flap their wings and move, they get a gimps of GOD from a new perspective and down they go, singing Holy Holy. 

I hold a core value that because Jesus said that we would see greater things then He saw while on earth and that we would do greater things then He did once the Holy Spirit came on Pentecost, if it is in the Bible it is available to us. So while I am currently on earth and not in Heaven I can’t be directly in front of the throne with the 4 creatures I can ask GOD to give me the ability to see Him in everything and in new ways. That is what keeps it exciting for me. That is what keeps me thankful and my heart exploding with “Holy Holy is The Lord GOD almighty.

There is a song by Lifehouse that has the lyric “how can I stand her with you and not be moved by You?  Great question.

If we are really encountering Christ, isn’t change a part of that.  Shouldn’t being moved. Shouldn’t a renewed mind and growth as a by product of that be what we experience?

Within that encounter, within that change of perspective and ideas, wouldn’t growth be the natural outcome?  I am mostly verbal/writing processing this here.  What are your thoughts?


I Love A Rainy Night.

This Sat is 1 year since my dad passed away. 

My sister-in-law had brain surgery for a brain hemorrhage that was wrapped around her brain stem last week. 

I have been sick for over 2 weeks and still recovering from a Kidney infection.

I found out yesterday that the Dr wants me to come in on Fri to discuss test results.   Which does not seem encouraging.

My mom is trying to be positive but she is worried about all of us and this is one tough week for her.

I am more than worried about finances with sickness and all this time off.

I’m at that stage where I am not sleeping and feeling sick all the time but simple stuff like emptying the dishwasher or taking a shower means its nap time.

The last two days have been the hardest.  I can’t be with my family this weekend because of illness and cost.  I can’t drive yet because of the pain drugs (which I am slowly working myself off of).  I don’t know where I would go if I could drive.  I can’t stop thinking about bills, family, my dad, why I am not recovering faster, what else could be wrong.  I don’t know how much more TV I could watch or books I could read or how many more times I could read the same stuff on FB.


It got me thinking about this Eddie Rabbitt song my dad liked.  He had the 8 track. 🙂  It made me feel a little better.  It reminded me of something to be thankful for.  I am trying to focus on the thankful.  Being thankful and recounting the thankful is what is keeping me from the big black hole I feel like I could fall into at any moment

Thankfulness really is a powerful weapon.

Here is that Eddie Rabbitt song.  I’m thankful for my Dad, and a rainy night.

What does a life of passion look like?

   I want to go

where they tell me its impossible

fan the flames and walk on water

I’ve got Heaven locked up in these bones

This song, “Heart Beats” has become my prayer.

In the last 2-3 weeks something has happened to me.  I don’t have words, I am not even sure I fully understand.

What I do know is it is a shift, a huge shift.  And shift means change. I am good with change I actually enjoy it. I want life to be adventurous and without change, there is no adventure, only normality.

 I realized something today.                images

                      I  am not doing the impossible.

                                          I am not fanning the flame in my vains.

                                                                    I am definitely not walking on water.

 I am using finances, that are not even great, as an excuse to keep one foot on the shore.

 I have dozens of testimonies of GOD coming though for me in the 12th hour.  I am thankful for those but I am convicted that I have few testimonies where I made a specific choice that required me to plant my feet in faith.  I want the benefits of radical faith but I am not living it.  At least not to the degree I want to.

 I want the choices in my life, to match up to the passion of the songs that are the prayers and soundtracks of my life.

 I want to see The Living GOD love people in such radical ways that everything they know about life and who they are created to be changes and I am willing to take any risks and pay any price to be a part of that love.

 I have drawn yet another line in the sand, now it is time to take a step of faith over it.

Compelled by love

 I’m bankrupt without love.  This is the last phrase in The Message translations of 1 Corinthians 13:3.  love-14

I have been thinking about love constantly this week. What is love?  It is Jesus.  Love is a person.  So when I leave love behind, I leave Jesus behind.  That’s a pretty big deal.

I live in a supernatural culture.  I work for a supernatural school.  My heart and passion are to see The Saints equipped for the work of service.  But the most important thing in my life is Jesus.  I am so in love with Him,  I am captivated,  I am compelled, I am overwhelmed.  I can’t imagine a day where He isn’t the focus.

Yet, Sometimes I have to check myself.  Some times I have to take a look in the mirror and say, “am I loving people?”  If 1 Corinthians 13 is true, and I believe it is.  Paul is sharing a huge revelation with us.  Our lives can look like Jesus is the focus when our gifts are flowing, but the reality is, that unless LOVE is the center of our lives, Jesus isn’t in the middle of it.

Last night I attended the premiere showing of a new film about Heidi Baker called Compelled By Love.  If you are not familiar with Heidi, she and her husband Rolland are founders of Iris Ministries.  The Baker’s have long been based in Mozambique and Heidi is known for declaring that it all started with a simple direction from The Lord, “Stop for the one”

I was rocked to the core by her love and compassion.  I don’t feel called in the way she does but I did get renewed in my calling.  I realized that I can teach a zillion prophecy classes, speak a million messages, see uncountable healings, help and serve in supernatural schools and ministries all over the world but if I really want to equip The Saints, I need love them and teach them how to love.

What I see for 2014

I have been praying into 2014 for a few months now.  This is my 5th year to intentionally ask GOD for a word for the year ahead. I feel like a broken record because every years word starts with.  THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!  This year is no exception.  I am behind on posting this because I have been trying to find a different way to start this year’s word and frankly, finally Holy Spirit just said “why?”  “With GOD each year is amazing”.  The Word even tells us that there is no end to the increase of His government and peace (Isaiah 9:7).  So without further rambling, here is all the amazingness I see for the year ahead.  I pray this word encourages you and draws you to Jesus in a new and deeper way in 2014.   vision-image-Key

The first thing I saw was a map of the world spread out on a table.  I was looking at it from above.  It seemed like a I was actually in Heaven looking down.  Doors appeared over the map between where I was and the world.  I saw people walking up to the doors and opening them.  The doors opened into heaven, not out of Heaven.  As these people stood in the doorways, the map lifted off the table.  I heard a voice ask me what I saw and I responded with “I see the Earth is rising”  “the voice responded with “no longer do I desire bits of Heaven to come to earth, through The Saints, I call Earth to come to Heaven”.   The vision continued for a few minutes, as I sat mesmerized at all of the possibilities that could be on Earth if the atmosphere was constantly like that of Heaven.

I documented this vision and in the weeks to follow I asked GOD for more clarity on what I saw.   I realized the doors were placed strategically over spots in the world.  Northern CA, Tulsa (Bible belt), Pennsylvania and other historic birthplaces of the US, were locations that I had gotten significant words for in 2013 word.  I feel The Lord is continuing to do great things in these areas.

In addition to those doors, there were doors over South Africa, India, Iceland, Peru, Germany, Nigeria, Indonesia,  Egypt, Turkey, Vancouver CA, and a huge door covered the Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Bahama’s area.

I prayed into each of these doors.  I saw that in the first half of this year, those doors allowing Earth to rise up to Heaven start opening.  What was cool was that the doors opened and then the keys were given.  The Lord is saying the doors are not locked, we don’t need keys to open them.  All we need is to open them from the right side, the side of Heaven.  Once these doors open, The Lord is giving us the keys to keep them open.  This is more symbolic than functional.  As these doors open, it is a sign to The Enemy, they will not be shut or locked ever again. GOD gives us the keys as a charm to wear if you will,  they are a manifestation of the reality of  doors that can never to be shut.  Nothing is currently locked.   I felt this was a point of importance.  We as Saints must grasp the revelations that nothing is shut to us.  Nothing is locked.  The key’s are this revelation.  I saw that people are going to be finding keys and receiving keys as gifts this year in the natural.  When we get a key in the natural, it is an invitation from The Lord to seek out the spiritual “open door”

The second big vision I saw while praying for the year ahead was one that had to do with eyesight.  I saw two pictures side by side.  I saw all the current worldly sight developments happening.  People getting glasses and contacts, surgery, Google glasses, more advancements in seeing into space and the rise of photo technology and visual ways to communicate via the internet.  The 2nd picture was of The Saints doing and seeing in the same way we always have.  Then suddenly, there was a flash of fire and then a wave of rain and how we saw and perceived was changed in an instant.   I don’t know how to put this in words, but love and how to love people was restored.  How we see Jesus, each other and pre-Christians is going to change.  Fear is going to take a major hit this year.  Fear is a mirage.  Our eyes will be clear to move forward.  A new ability to embrace change and originality is also part of this new sight.  When I asked why I saw these two pictures side by side The Lord told me that He is calling his people to search out new vision in a greater way than the world does.  No longer would our vision, inspiration, and creativity be second to the world.  He showed me that the world keeps inventing things that increase sight and vision but true sight and vision is a person, Jesus.  Dreams, visions, and Heavenly encounters are no longer going to be experienced by a few.  All of this is going to be restored as part of the normal Christian life as Earth rises up to Heaven.  We will see the way Heaven sees.

There is going to be a great meld of loving people and the supernatural this year.  Things like feeding the poor and seeing dramatic healings while doing so are going to become the norm.  Because of our new sight, a new unity of streams and denominations will arise.  In the year ahead, The Saints that choose to find common ground with other Saints and work together is where kingdom advancement comes. Several years ago I had a vision of 3 streams turning into raging rivers.  This year I saw that again but this time the rivers were on a path to run into each other and merge.  I believe the actual merging is more in the following years but this year will be the start of the rivers coming together.

I could go on and on about what I saw happening with each of the areas that had a door over them and if you are interested in any particular door, you can ask me and I will share what I saw and am feeling.

I am so, so excited about the year ahead.  For me personally, in just the last 3 days, I feel love and the desire to love well up in me in a new way.  I feel we just can’t help but overflow to everything around us as we love and worship Jesus.  He is so good.  Blessings to you in 2014.

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